Reflective Headband

16 products

16 products

The reflective headband increases safety when walking, running or cycling in traffic. In addition to the decreasing amount of sunlight, visibility is reduced by autumn rains and storms, fog and snowfall. In Finland, autumn and winter are the dark seasons, when you play and move in the normal way.

All our reflective products are of high quality and reflect perfectly. Did you know that it is NOT usually possible or necessary for clothing and accessories products to bear the CE marking of a reflective product? A standard is required for a product only if the product is sold in a so-called as an official personal protective equipment. Reflective products without the CE mark are not a substitute for official personal protective equipment.

Reflective head band is an easy gift

A reflective headband is an easy gift. Every Scandinavian from baby to granddaughter understands the importance of reflectivity.

Remembering with reflective products for Christmas or other holidays is a good idea!