Become visible


It is better to anticipate than to repair damage afterwards.

Our reflective products will make you and your loved ones visible in the dark and twilight, in everyday life and in your free time.

Think about walking or biking to work, going school, daycare or to your hobbies. Or even dog walking at dawn. For sure you are more comfortable when visibility and safety is taken care of.




A driver with high beams can see a pedestrian walking on a dark road without a reflector from a distance of about 150 meters (164 yards). Clothing and the lights of the car will of course have an effect on visibility. With reflector of reflective products pedestrian or biker can be seen even from more than 600 meters (646 yards) away.

Without reflective products the pedestrian will only be visible to driver from about 50 meters distance. With reflectors or reflective products this distance of visibility can be even 350 meters (386 yards).

Even with proper street lights it can be difficult to detect pedestrians and cyclists moving in the dark. Kids can jump on street suddenly and bikers are fast too. Street and city lights together with the shadows of trees and shrubs, make observation difficult for drivers. Rain, fog and fogged windows degrade the driver's view.



In Nordic countries pedestrians are usually required to use a reflector when moving on the road during dark hours. This means everybody: walkers, bikers, kids, adults - even dogs.

Reflectors and reflective products are popular among all age groups and this makes has made life easier for not only parents but for drivers as well. We are happy to tell, that using reflectors has been proven very effective in Finland.

Still, by estimation about 16% of the visibility related accidents could have been prevented if proper reflectors would have been used.


There are two important point of views on how to choose and use a reflector and reflective accessories.

The most important point is to choose reflective items, that actually will be used with ease. Reflector is useless if it is on top shelf once kids play outside.

As adults can often understand the importance of a reflector and voluntarily choose to wear one, this is not often case with kids or teens. For children, choose an item that is integrated and hard to forget or loose, like a back bag, beanie or gloves.

It is even better to have a reflective accessory chosen by children, so they will proudly wear them even with friends. As for adults, this is a motivational factor as well.

The driver can best see reflectors that are at knee high on adults (higher on kids). Hanging reflectors are freely suspended, detachable and fixed.

Ideally the reflector must be able to swing freely and be visible to the front, rear and side.

The more reflectors used, the better the motorist can see a pedestrian walking in the dark or twilight. You should also pay attention to the size of a reflective surface. With reflectors, bigger is definitely better.

You can never have too many reflectors!


Pedestrian reflectors are defined on the basis of the European Union's personal protection directive. The visibility of the reflectors is verified by measuring, among other things, the total luminous intensity and surface area of ​​the reflector in accordance with standard EN 13356. Item named as a 'Reflector', it must meet the requirements of the standards and be CE approved.

How to confirm a certified reflector:The sales package of a decent reflector contains at least the following information:

- CE marking
- EN 13356
- supervisory inspector
- manufacturer

Since all items are not able to have CE-marking, many reflective products don't have one. For example Fashion Accessories are not qualified as an official reflector but are still nevertheless very useful.

If you are crafting reflective accessories made of reflective materials, fabrics, yarns, etc., it is worth remembering that the reflectivity in them may not be in the category of an standardized reflector.

Homemade reflective decorations complement the dark time look, but it is highly recommended to use an actual reflector alongside. This will ensure that you are visible far enough.